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The Curriculum

The long-term expectations of pupils have been agreed with staff and are repeated below.

Salvatorian College boys will:

  • embrace the teachings of Christ and, in their pursuit of excellence, foster a greater knowledge and love of the Divine Saviour;
  • have high expectations for their own behaviour and exemplary manners;
  • have high expectations for their achievement and a commitment to their studies so that they make outstanding progress;
  • experience a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum that is cumulative, coherent and purposefully sequenced; be literate and numerate;
  • enjoy their lessons and be inspired to engage with all opportunities for learning beyond the classroom;
  • be nurtured in their spiritual, social, moral, cultural, physical and mental development;
  • secure the building blocks of progression.

Using the National Curriculum as a benchmark, we will create, sustain and develop a whole school curriculum with wide scope, that is values-led, ambitious, broad, deep, and knowledge-rich;a curriculum that is coherent and bigger than the sum of its parts; a curriculum that is rigorous and sequenced so that the learning, now, links to what they have learned in the past and feeds forward into what they will learn in the future.

We will make good use of the local context, build from KS2 and ensure that the boys know how to know more and remember more. The meta-curriculum will be wide and varied, giving our boys the opportunities to develop their talents and personal interests both in school and beyond.

We will take opportunities to expand cultural capital and enable personal development. Within our Catholic context, pupils will be inspired by a vision of life seen whole; will develop a sense of their own worth; and will be able to become leaders of good influence.

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