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Design & Technology: Catering & Hospitality

Catering & Hospitality at Salvatorian

“We are all citizens of the world, what is good for you, is good for all. If you are lost, share a plate of food with a stranger… you will find who you are.” Chef Jose Andres

The UK is currently perceived to offer the friendliest hospitality service in Europe. For the vibrant majority Hospitality and Catering is more than just a job, it is a passion, an opportunity to express creativity, a form of art. For the public, dining out is more than just ‘eating’ it is the whole experience; a time to let go, encounter new senses and socialise with others.    

The greatest challenge facing the hospitality and catering industry today is the shortage of skilled staff at all levels; the industry offers fantastic careers to all. 

This course enables learners to gain and develop comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the hospitality and catering industry including provision, health and safety, and food safety. 

It enables learners to develop and apply knowledge and understanding of the importance of nutrition and how to plan nutritious menus. They will learn the skills needed to prepare, cook and present dishes. They will also learn how to review their work effectively.

Our Staff

Mr G James – Head of Department 

Mr D Cooper – Head of KS4 Catering 

Ms I Phillips – Head of KS3 Catering

Key Stage Three

Pupils will study Catering and Nutrition, on a one term rotation, throughout KS3. They will learn how to use the hob, grill and oven safely, in a variety of contexts, with different ingredients. They will learn a variety of preparation skills, using different techniques and ingredients, to achieve basic level mastery and gain confidence in the kitchen. Pupils will be able to use the skills learnt and apply them to set ingredients lists and set methods to produce a wide variety of dishes. They will begin to plan and adapt ingredients and methods to suit a set brief that will prepare them for the KS4 curriculum.

Key Stage Four

WJEC Level 2 Qualification in Hospitality and Catering: 


Theory / Examination – 40%: 

1.1 Hospitality and catering provisions
1.2 How hospitality and catering providers operate  

1.3 Health and safety in hospitality and catering  

1.4 Food safety in hospitality and catering 


Controlled Assessment – Coursework – 60%: 

2.1  The importance of nutrition 

2.2  Menu planning 

2.3  The skills and techniques of preparation, cooking and presentation of dishes 

2.4  Evaluating cooking skills

Key Stage Five

The KS4 vocational course is designed to facilitate progression in a Post 16 college offering Catering as a profession. Here pupils will continue their vocational qualification at Level 3 (or above) and train to be a professional Chef or focus on another profession within the Hospitality sector.

Links to Future Pathways



Environmental Health Officer 

Food Hygiene Inspector 

Sustainable Food Production 

Front of House Roles 

Kitchen Brigade Roles 

Roles and structure of Management

Student Work

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