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Welcome to Salvatorian College!  You will find in these pages a flavour of our remarkable school community which builds on a century of tradition providing outstanding Catholic education for boys.

I encourage you to pay us a visit: I will be proud to show you our recently rebuilt facilities; you will experience a calm, studious atmosphere which means our pupils achieve exam results in the top 2% nationally; you will experience the politeness and manners displayed by our boys; and the generous, caring nature of our staff.

I look forward to meeting you.

Mr Alan Bryant, Head of School

Our Catholic faith is at the heart of our school.  From the teachings of Jesus Christ we derive our values: of Integrity, Compassion, Humility, Justice, Forgiveness, Holiness, Tolerance and Service.  These are also universal human values and we they underpin our happy relations in what is a diverse local community of all faiths and none.

Carefully structured and enriching curriculum

The scope of our curriculum enables our pupils to develop their cognitive potential, to expand their cultural capital and maximise their talents, so that Salvatorian College students become vibrant and economically self-reliant members of society.

We endeavour to cement skills, understanding and knowledge, through regular and systematic revisiting of subject content, enabling our boys to master their subjects through effective long-term retention of knowledge.

This approach stems from the respect we have for what we teach, both in and out of the classroom, and the understanding this imbues of the wider world.

Encouraging teamwork and responsibility forms an essential part of our curriculum and we enable children to take on key roles, becoming involved in the community through the celebration of Catholic festivals and traditions, by learning new skills, by becoming leaders and peer tutors and enabling them to take an active part in a plethora of events throughout the year.


We are proud of the oustanding ethos that pervades Salvatorian College – an ethos developed from our foundation as a Catholic school.  We hold a confident belief in the relevance and value of education rooted in Gospel values and its ability to form a frameworth through which young men can lead a virtuous life.



The school magazine, The Salvatorian, is published three times each year: at Christmas, Easter, and at the end of the Summer Term. Below is our latest edition.

Head to our News and Events section to view more magazines!



The School Council is the main ‘student voice’ body at Salvatorian College. It comprises of two members in each form (Lead and Deputy) who attend regular meetings every half term. Each year a new set of Year 10 pupils put their names forward to become ambassadors for the school and student body. They secure staff approval, present to their peers and, after suitable service, apply to become a Prefect.



Advice on future career opportunities is provided to all students in various different ways that are appropriate to their development. Pupils enjoy a curriculum experience which includes access to a variety of different professions including, business, commerce, retail, research and development.


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