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Our Staff


Mr Tissot, Executive Headteacher

Mr Bryant, Head of School

Mr Coker, Deputy Headteacher

Mr Cooper, Deputy Headteacher

Mr Evans, Acting Deputy Headteacher

Ms Shamash, Acting Assistant Headteacher

Mr James, Acting Assistant Headteacher

Mr Reed, Acting Assistant Headteacher


Year 7 – Ms P Shamash

Year 8 – Mr J Michie

Year 9 – Mr A Creamer

Year 10 – Mr G James

Year 11 – Ms D Williams

Pastoral Support Assistant – Ms A Schipor


Arts and Technologies

Mr G James (Head of Department)

Mr D Cooper (Food Technology)

Ms I Phillips (Art and DT)

Mr P Florence (Computing)

Ms J Summers (Art and DT)

Mrs V Wood (DT)

Mr V Ladwa (DT)

Ms K Vartathanathan (Food Technician)

Mr I Preskett (DT Technician)

Mr J Elder (Art Technician)

Business and Economics

Mr Coker (Head of Department)

Mr S Rabey (Economics)

Mrs F Henry (Business Studies)


Mrs G Caseley (Head of Department)

Mr A Bryant


Mrs A Hickmore (Head of Department)

Mr A Bryant

Mrs N Khashjori

Ms L Mayer

Ms A Ali

Ms V Pei


Mrs E Brown (Head of Department)

Ms C O’Neill

Mr B Stelmaszczyk


Mr D Grimes (Head of Department)

Mr J Michie

Mr M Lloyd-Williams

Mr B Stelmaszczyk


Mrs L Morrell (Head of Department)

Mr F Banji

Mr D Ogun

Mr S Rabey

Mrs C Agbai

Mr D Evans

Ms P Shamash

Modern Foreign Languages

Mrs E Balaiita (Head of Department)

Mrs I Louis (Spanish)

Ms S Actie (French and Spanish)


Ms M Jardim

Mr J Reed

Physical Education

Mr A Creamer (Head of Department)

Mr D Cooper

Mr S Malik

Mr O Ezeigwe

Mr A Templeton

Religious Education

Mrs F Henry (Head of Department)

Ms N Hajiantoni (Acting Head of Department)

Mrs D Williams

Ms C Sequeira

Mr M Lloyd-Williams


Ms A Ward (Head of Department)

Ms A Schipor

Ms O Thomas-Boniecka

Mrs M Syeda

Mrs S Ahmed

Ms F Marwan

Social Sciences

Mr D Evans (Sociology)

Ms P Shamash (Psychology)

Special Educational Needs Department

Ms I Gousard (SENCO)

Mrs M Kilroy (Deputy SENCO)

Mrs S Hyland

Ms M Connors

Mrs W Townsend

Ms F Stovold

Ms J Boachie

Ms N Butler

Mrs A Ellis

Learning Support Center

Mrs S Griffin (LSC Manager)

Mr M Robinson (Reflection Room)

Mrs A Tsangaris


Mr B Fowler (Finance Manager)

Ms L McDonald

Mr N Shah

Mr B Quilty (Student Services)

Mr A Jones (IT Manager)

Mr W Dos Santos (IT Technician)

Mrs A Wood (Librarian)

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