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Peer Mentoring

Are you interested in how Salvatorian College runs its peer mentor scheme? Find out more below.

Pupils helping pupils

At Salvatorian College we are very much aware of how daunting the transition from Primary to Secondary education can be. In order to support new pupils through these challenges we provide a well-structured peer mentoring programme as an integral part of our pastoral offering.

We strongly believe in the benefits of pupils helping each other to strive in a nurturing, ‘Christ – Centered’ environment.

The Benefits

Benefits for mentors:

  • Improved leadership skills
  • Improved levels of resilience and perseverance
  • Develop an ability to empathise with others and fulfill the desire to help
  • Improved attitude towards learning

Benefits for mentees:

  • A relatable and dedicated role model within school and a safe place to talk over concerns or issues
  • Improved levels of confidence and self-esteem
  • Improved levels of focus in class and behaviour around school
  • Improved attitudes towards learning
  • Improved academic attainment

How does it work?

The Role of a Mentor

The peer mentoring programme aims to provide additional support for new Year 7 students individually and as a group. Mentors help Year 7 to settle in, provide a friendly face in shared spaces and support Year 7 to make progress and achieve their full potential at Salvatorian College.

In the weekly meetings peer mentors provide a safe space for mentees to discuss any challenges or difficulties they might be experiencing.  They also set targets for the week ahead and record the successes since previous meetings.

Mentors also support games on the Year 7 playground at lunchtime or offer additional support in homework club and other lunchtime duties.

All mentors must submit a letter of application in order to be considered for the role. Once selected mentors receive training to ensure they have the skills, commitment and desire necessary to be effective in the role.

The programme encourages Year 10 students to responsibly contribute to the School community through the action of ‘Service’.

If you are in year 10 and would like the opportunity to become a peer mentor, please complete an application form and submit it to the Programme  coordinator Ms. Williams.



I see my mentor everyday he checks in on me to make sure I am doing ok. I think my behaviour has improved because we set targets and go through my journal he helps me to see that there are different ways to handle situations. “

“My mentor is really kind even when I found it difficult to make friends he gave me advice and encouraged me. I have lots of friends now.”

“Having a mentor is like having an older brother at school you know he will look out for you and help you when you need him.”


“I speak to my mentee at various intervals throughout the week in the playground or in the canteen.  At first he was shy and didn’t speak much but now he is doing well in class he is always smiling and has lots of friends. We both look forward to our weekly meetings.

I have made a positive impact in his life and that make me feel good about myself.”

“I was a little bit difficult in year 7 and 8 I got in trouble because I wasn’t organized. My mentee has some of the same problems. I help him with homework which means he gets less behaviour points.

Being a mentor has made me think more. I am definitely better at communication. “

“I have more confidence now. I know that what I say to my mentee matters.”

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