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Salvatorian College Y7/8 Competes in the 2024 All Britain Gaelic Football Competition

Salvatorian College’s Year 7/8 team showcased remarkable talent and determination at the 2024 All Britain Gaelic Football Competition.

Game Highlights:

– Game 1 & 3: The team led both matches before heartbreakingly losing in the final minute. Despite these setbacks, the players demonstrated resilience and skill throughout the competition.

– Individual Performances: Many players, especially those new to the sport, delivered fantastic individual performances, earning praise for their quick adaptation and impressive play.

Path to the Plate Cup Final:

Salvatorian College advanced to the Plate cup final, where they faced fellow Trust school, St George’s. The final was a thrilling and closely contested match, with both teams displaying exceptional skill and teamwork.

The Final:

The score remained tight throughout, but in the closing moments, Big Michael L showcased his magical individual skills, scoring 3 crucial points. His outstanding performance secured a victory for Salvatorian College with a final score of 7-6.

This victory was a testament to the team’s hard work, unity, and dedication. The motto “Ní neart go cur le chéile” (there’s no strength without working together) truly reflected the spirit of Salvatorian College’s team.

Congratulations to the team for their fantastic performance and for bringing home the Plate cup!

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