Business Studies


Subjects Overall Aim


Students who choose Business Studies will undertake a two year course, which is designed to give them a general overview of how businesses work and the context within which they operate in today’s world.



KS4 Curriculum (Year 10-11)


The course is made up of three units:


Unit 1: Marketing and Enterprise  -   Controlled assessment  25%      

Students undertake a market research investigation, collect and analyse data then write a business report under exam conditions for 6 hours.


Unit 2: Business and People -  Written examination  25% 

The structure of business activity; The need for business activity, Business ownership, organisations, growth and location, The workforce in business; Employment and retention, Organisation and communication


Unit 3: Production, Finance and the External Business Environment  -  Written examination  50%

Using and managing resources to produce goods and services; Types of production methods, Production costs, Financial information and decision making, Sources of finance, Financial forecasting and analysis


External influences on business activity; The competitive environment, Environmental influences and business ethics, Government and the UK economy, Globalisation and UK business


Examination Arrangements


Assessment in Year 10 will consist of the controlled assessment.  Unit 2 and Unit 3, exams will take place at the end of 11.



This course provides a sound background for most careers in Business. Students will have

opportunities of work in areas such as Banking and Finance, Personnel Management,

Marketing, Operations Research – Production and Business Administration and many

other jobs in the private and public sector of industry.



Extra Curricular Activities


Pupils have a variety of additional learning opportunities such as visiting local / national retailers such as Coca Cola as well as visiting the Bank of England. Pupils will also have the chance to take part in national competitions such as ‘Student stock market challenge’.



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