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Free Additional Tuition

Salvatorian College runs an extensive programme of free additional tutoring, intervention, revision and extended curriculum sessions, designed to assist those pupils who require extra support in their learning, as well as to challenge pupils of higher ability to achieve even more highly. All additional tutoring is made available free of charge.

Homework Club

Homework Club runs from Monday to Thursday from 3.10pm to 5.00pm. It is supervised by teaching staff, and one-to-one tutoring is available.

Saturday School

The Saturday School programme runs every week during term-time. There are three sessions with a break between each. Refreshments are freely available to any pupil that attends.

Session 1 9.00am-10.30am
Session 2 11am-12.30pm
Session 3 1.00pm-2.30pm

Period 6 & 7

Period 6 & 7 classes are extended study classes offered by departments after school until 5.10pm. Period 6 & 7 classes last for one hour each, beginning at 3.10pm. 

Half Term & Holidays

During each half term, extra intervention and revision sessions are offered. All Year 11 pupils are expected to attend these as part of their exam preparation.

Summer School

Summer school runs for several weeks during the summer holiday. It consists of a mixture of academic and creative activities designed to engage pupils outside the normal classroom / curriculum environment.