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Extended Learning

Opportunities for learning beyond the classroom are extensive.

We offer both entitlement and enrichment activities to all our pupils including various day trips and residential trips each year. 

Salvatorian College have achieved sporting excellence at local and county level. 

Pupils regularly compete in many different sports including rugby, football, athletics and cricket. 

Our art and music facilities are improving to reflect the value we place on these subjects in our curriculum.  Pupils have established a number of Arts clubs and societies and work with other schools through partnership and collaborations.

Academic achievement is important, but we have a wider appreciation of what counts as achievement. We are regular participants and winners of the Harrow ‘Speak Out’ Debating Competition. We participate in and have won the prestigious London Open House Architectural Competition. We have representatives on the Harrow Youth Parliament.

The following are some of the academic achievements for 2014

Jack Petchey

Salvatorian pupils took part in the Jack Petchey “Speak Out” Challenge Harrow Borough Final and took 3rd place with a great speech entitled ‘Our Generation’.


UK Intermediate Maths Challenge Success 2014 – Over 240,000 pupils from across the UK took part.

Salvatorian pupils in Set 1 Maths across the Year groups took part.

Three of our boys finished in the top 6% receiving a gold certificate.

23 of our boys finished in the top 13% receiving a silver certificate and a further 28 boys received bronze certificates for being in the top 21%.



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