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  • Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

Respect for myself

I will:

  • work hard and take pride in the presentation of my work

  • always do my best

  • be self-disciplined : get to school on time

  • be well behaved

  • wear uniform, look tidy

  • respect my health.

Respect for others

I will:

  • get along with every one, treat others as I wish to be treated

  • treat others as equals

  • respect and appreciate other people's work, views, property and talents

  • make newcomers and visitors welcome in our school and classroom

  • remember we are part of a wider community when we leave the school

  • we are all unique!

Respect for the environment

I will:

  • enjoy and take care of our surroundings

  • keep all rooms attractive and pleasant

  • help to create a calm and quiet atmosphere, so as to foster a positive learning climate