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Careers at Salvatorian College

Thank you for your interest in a teaching or a support staff position at Salvatorian College. I hope you find the information useful and informative and as a result you will want to apply for a position within this Roman Catholic boys’ high school. The pupils are friendly and eager learners and full of potential.

Our results at Salvatorian College are good but there is definitely a job to be done in order to move the school even further forward. The Leadership Team, who like the rest of the staff, are very positive and committed.

Please come and have a look at the school at any time. I believe this to be an exciting time to be joining a school that I know will become outstanding. You will be working in a happy environment and helping the school to reach its full potential. I really hope you decide to apply for a job here and I very much look forward to meeting you and maybe working with you in the near future.

Paul Kassapian, MA