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Year 7 Induction

The transition from primary to secondary school is important in the lives of children and their families. At Salvatorian College we have a robust system to ensure all students will have a successful transition and to help students and parents minimise anxiety about the change. 

We want all students who choose Salvatorian College to get used to their new routines and school organisation with great ease; develop new friendships and improve their self-esteem and confidence. By providing a wider choice of subjects, we intend to extend their interest in school and school work. We aim to enrich students’ learning experience in secondary education by providing them with opportunities and challenges, along with the practical skills and knowledge to be confident in fully accessing these post-transition. We will ensure that students will have the tools and emotional resilience to manage this transition. We will make sure all students will continue to make academic progress, to achieve and to enjoy learning. As a result, students’ motivation, positive attitudes and self-image as learners are maintained and developed.

Education and Transition Programme

September - May

Primary pupils in years 3, 4, 5 and 6 are invited into the school or Salvatorian Teachers visit the primary schools, to enable students to take part in a range of fun and educational activities. Pupils get an opportunity to meet students from Salvatorian College and learn new skills.

May - June

Salvatorian College also works in close partnership with primary schools to ensure a positive transition for Year 6 students. As we prepare to give students the best possible start in secondary school, our senior staff will visit pupils and their primary teacher in the summer term. This visit will help inform our pastoral support team how best to support your child when they begin in September and will give your child the chance to raise any concerns they might have about starting Year 7.


Across the borough the Induction Day takes place on the first Wednesday in July.

During the Induction Day pupils will have an opportunity to meet their new form group, take part in activities and become familiar with Salvatorian College.

In the evening, parents get an opportunity to meet form tutors, the head of year and the senior leadership team.

Please click here for our Year 7 Handbook.

September - October

Students start on the same day as year 11 and start their first day with an assembly and form time.

Students take part in a team building activity with their year group.