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School Ethos and Values

Catholic Ethos and Expectations

The mission and vision of Salvatorian College is to create an environment in which all our members will experience a deeply held faith, a commitment to Christian values and a sense of belonging. 

It is in this climate that our pupils achieve excellent academic results and fulfil their potential as learners.

The distinctive nature of our school is based on strong foundations and the established traditions of the Catholic Church and its commitment to education for all. 

Our Mission Statement captures the essence of what we believe in and encourages us in all that we do.  We constantly remind pupils of the values and principles that we share as a community. 

The social, moral, spiritual and cultural development of all our pupils is encouraged through our prayer life, everyday actions and words. 

The community of Salvatorian College has a local, national and international dimension, where pupils and staff are involved in supporting various different Catholic charities and other organisations to help the poor and disadvantaged in our world.

Pupils identify themselves with IAM Salvo.

Inspire • Achieve • Motivate

Success • Ambition • Leadership • Vision • Opportunity