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History of the School

We are a school with 5 forms of entry. In September 2012 we became a Voluntary Catholic Academy.

Salvatorian College is a successful school that nurtures the individual. We take a holistic approach in developing the individual. We recognise our history and tradition, which are celebrated with pupils through assemblies, liturgies and the Mass.

We were founded in 1926 by the Society of the Divine Saviour – the Salvatorians.

Salvatorian College is a high achieving school dedicated to furthering the Mission of Father Francis Jordan the founder of the Salvatorian Order: "to bring all people to a knowledge and love of God and of Jesus Christ whom he sent" (John 17:3). Central to Francis Jordan’s philosophy was the power of education to transform lives and to empower people to achieve their ambitions. He regarded it essential, that people develop their skills and talents, to enable them to make a difference to their local communities.

The Salvatorian College through our mission statement aspires to:

  • To build up a strong Christ centred community helping the individual on his/her faith journey.
  • To assist every individual in realising his/her full potential spiritually, academically, physically and socially.
  • To strengthen the bonds between home, parish and school providing preparation and commitment for the pupil's entry into the wider world.