Music Lessons

Research shows that learning a musical instrument improves progress and attainment across all subjects, with children given music lessons testing on average three IQ points higher than other groups, whilst showing improved memory and social skills. Learning an instrument also develops concentration and mental resilience, which are important life skills.

All pupils at Salvatorian College are given the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. One in four pupils, or 25%, of all boys at Salvatorian College learn an instrument in school. We currently offer lessons on the following instruments, though tuition in other instruments can be arranged if there is demand:

Drum Kit 'Cello
Piano Trumpet
Violin Trombone
Electric Guitar Saxaphone
Accoustic Guitar  

Tuition is given by qualified teachers provided by Harrow Music Service (, and happens on a rota during school hours so that the impact on class learning is minimised. Tuition is charged at a flat rate of £10 per 30 minute session, which compares very favourably to commercial rates. This works out at approximately £400 for one full year of term-time instrumental tuition. Tuition is payable in advance at the beginning of each term. Subsidised tuition is available for those receiving pupil premium (please contact the School Business Manager to discuss.)

Please contact Mr Mann, Head of Music, to register interest.