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Headteacher's Welcome

Every parent, in choosing a school, is looking for a place where their child can belong. At Salvatorian College, we will nurture your son's abilities, celebrate his achievements, and care for him as part of the Salvatorian College family.

Our ethos as a Catholic school is underpinned by Gospel and universal values:

  1. We believe that every child should be valued for who they are, and for who they can become. Boys at Salvatorian College know they are valued and respected and, in turn, they are confident in themselves and respectful to others - as a result our school is a calm, safe, and happy place to be.
  2. We believe that every child should have the opportunity to reach their full potential. Boys at Salvatorian College are challenged and stretched by their teachers - as a result, boys at Salvatorian College achieve some of the best academic results in the country, regardless of their starting points.
  3. We believe that, to navigate the modern world, children need to develop positive values and attitudes, in addition to academic learning. Boys at Salvatorian College are taught to think critically about moral, philosophical, and spiritual issues; they are taught to respect human dignity and serve others; and are taught to be honest and forgiving - as a result, boys leave Salvatorian College as well-rounded young men, ready to become leaders of good influence in the world.

Our pupils are the greatest advocates of the unique education provided at this exceptional school, and will be very happy to welcome you for a tour.

Mr Alan Bryant
Head of School

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