We believe that doing homework on a regular basis helps pupils develop important skills. By becoming more independent in their learning, pupils will benefit more from their time in school.  Homework is uploaded weekly to Show My Homework and each pupil is given a login for their and their parent(s)/guardians' use.   
The School will:
  • ensure pupils are set homework on a regular basis and in manageable amounts;
  • set tasks which are suitable and achievable within the time available;
  • provide homework which relates to work being done in school;
  • mark homework regularly and give feedback to pupils;
  • ensure homework is at an appropriate level of challenge for pupils;
  • provide suitable facilities for homework tasks to be completed at school; 
The approximate amount of homework set each night will be as follows:
  • Year 7 - One and a half hours
  • Year 8 - One and a half hours
  • Year 9 - One and a half to two hours
  • Years 10 & 11 - Two to three hours