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Catholic Ethos

Our ethos of providing an outstanding Catholic education for boys in north London is well summed up by Cardinal Vincent Nicholls, Archbishop of Westminster, in his forward to 'Our Catholic Schools: Their identity and their purpose':

"Catholic schools and colleges, the principles on which they are based and the ethos they seek to engender, are an expression of what is true about the human person and about life lived in community. Education must be based on an understanding and expression of truth. True education, therefore, cannot be value free, as some would argue, because human beings feel a deep need for clear values held in common. Likewise, education cannot be purely utilitarian, because every person has some recognition that there is more to life than work and more to the person than the expedient. If it is not to sell itself short, education must be based on the whole truth about the human person. That truth is fully expressed in the person of Jesus Christ. It is explored and presented in the living faith of the Church."

You can download a copy of the book by clicking the link below.