Product Design


Subjects Overall Aim

Students who select to undertake a GCSE in Product Design (AQA-4555) will undertake a two year course, designed to encourage students to be able to design and make quality products with creativity and originality, using a range of materials and construction techniques. Students will be challenged by the range of practical activities, designing of packaging, labelling and instructions are also encouraged as part of the complete design proposal to help create products which can be evaluated for their commercial viability. Mirroring good industry practice, this course also helps students to foster an awareness of the need to consider sustainability and the environmental impact of their designs.


Product Design KS4 Curriculum (Year 7+8)

Pupils will participate in a carousel of activities which encompasses the Design Technology spectrum. By the end of Year 8 pupils are expected to work safely using specialist equipment in the different disciplines and be able to Plan, Make and Evaluate a wide range of products using more complex skills as they progress throughout the key stage.

Product Design KS4 Curriculum (Year 9/10-11)

The AQA Product Design course is made up of 2 compulsory units:

Unit 1: (45551) Written Paper – Externally set written examination worth 40% of total GCSE mark      

During the examination period at the end of year 11 students will sit one 2 hours graded out of 120 marks. The exam is split into two section answer all questions in two sections, the first based on Pre-Release material issued prior to the exam. The second, will be based the topics covered throughout the 2 year course focusing on, Materials and Components, Design and Market Influences and Processes and Manufacturing.

Unit 2: (45552) Design and Making Practice – Controlled assessment worth 60% of total GCSE mark

Approximately 45 hours 90 marks Consists of a single design and make activity that will be selected from a range of board set tasks. This is where students will get a chance to put the skills that they have been learning into practice in order to create a high quality solution, to a real world problem.

Examination Arrangements

Assessment in Year 10 will consist of skills based content and learning. Unit 2 controlled assessment Design and Make task, will be completed during of year 11 and will put into practice the skills learnt in year 10, while Unit 1 exams will take place at the end of 11 during the examination period.


This course provides a sound basis for students with an interest in a future design based career, such as industrial design, engineering, graphic design, packaging design, drafting, architecture

Extra-Curricular Activities

Students have a variety of additional learning opportunities such as a trip to the science and technology museum.

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