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In Christ at the Centre, 2012, the Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols, wrote: “Catholic education is inspired by a vision of life seen whole”. Our Catholic faith inspires us to reach for a full life in Christ, given expression in the interactions in community life where many should become leaders of good influence.   Therefore, our carefully structured and enriching curriculum is intended to empower all our pupils so that they can develop the knowledge and skills needed for learning and employment.  We endeavour to produce pupils who have a sense of their own worth and who have aspirations to develop their talents aware of the range of opportunities.  

The scope of our curriculum enables our pupils to develop their cognitive potential, to expand their cultural capital and maximise their talents, so that Salvatorian College students become vibrant and economically self-reliant members of society.  We are on-track to have the majority of our students taking EBAC subjects by 2022.

We endeavour to cement skills, understanding and knowledge, through regular and systematic revisiting of subject content, enabling our boys to master their subjects through effective long-term retention of knowledge. This approach stems from the respect we have for what we teach, both in and out of the classroom, and the understanding this imbues of the wider world.

By building on the “best that’s been thought and said”, our curriculum engenders an appreciation of human creativity and achievement and gives our boys the chance to become a part of this legacy.  To the best of our efforts, our curriculum is chronological and sequential, with the minutiae building towards a broader understanding of the bigger picture, enabling our boys to see the links within, and between, different subjects.   We do not dilute the curriculum for those with SEND or those that are placed in the Learning Support Centre.    

The Salvatorian College curriculum broadly follows that national curriculum and is designed to meet the needs of all students but is developed with individuals in mind. We endeavour to remove barriers to learning, so that our boys can surpass expectations and experience real choice as a result of social mobility.   We are expecting departments to have identified the end of year expectations for each year group and that any gaps inform teachers’ planning.  

The content that we deliver, and the knowledge and skills that we want our children to acquire, are encapsulated in our schemes of work.  These draw on the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects.  Personal, Social, Health and Careers Education is taught both discreetly but also as part of the wider curriculum. There are regular enrichment activities for each year group including trips, opportunities to create and perform music, learn Spanish and a programme of extracurricular activities that includes creative and sporting opportunities. Our assemblies promote positive Christian messages and attitudes which reflect the values and skills needed for future learning and success.

Encouraging teamwork and responsibility forms an essential part of our curriculum and we enable children to take on key roles, becoming involved in the community through the celebration of Catholic festivals and traditions, by learning new skills, by becoming leaders and peer tutors and enabling them to take an active part in a plethora of events throughout the year.

Salvatorian College boys will:

  • embrace the teachings of Christ and, in their pursuit of excellence, foster a greater knowledge and love of the Divine Saviour;
  • have high expectations for their own behaviour and exemplary manners;
  • have high expectations for their achievement and a commitment to their studies so that they make outstanding progress;
  • experience a broad, deep and knowledge rich curriculum that is cumulative, coherent and purposefully sequenced;
  • be literate and numerate;
  • enjoy their lessons and be inspired to engage with all opportunities for learning beyond the classroom;
  • be nurtured in their spiritual, social, moral, cultural, physical and mental development;
  • secure the building blocks of progression.


Our curriculum broadly follows national curriculum.  Our teachers link with specialist Leaders in Education and lead facilitators operating within the Trust family of schools.   We promptly identify and support pupils who start secondary school without a secure grasp of reading, writing and mathematics so that they can access the full curriculum. We gather information from primary schools so that we understand strengths and weaknesses of new Year 7s before they begin life at Salvatorian College: We undertake our own baseline assessments to complement KS2 data. 

Our school curriculum includes the following: timetabled lessons, clubs, trips, and the meta-curriculum.

Our weekly timetable consists of 5 x 1 hour lessons each day (8:50am – 3:10pm). Students are able to use our ‘5 o’clock Homework Club’ after school to complete homework and additional time with teachers, initial teacher trainees and learning support assistants.

Year 11 attend an additional lesson after school each day (Monday-Thursday), ‘Period 6’ from 3:10pm onwards for intervention and targeted learning sessions.

We have an extensive choice of clubs and activities, which are run before school, lunch time and after school, throughout the academic year. All pupils are actively encouraged to take part in a variety of enrichment activities, which include clubs, retreats and school trips, during their time at Salvatorian College.

We offer a curriculum that encompasses the core disciplines of English, Mathematics, Science and Religious Education. We also ensure a breadth and balance to our broader curriculum in our foundation subjects: History, Geography, Modern Foreign Languages (French and Spanish), Design and Technology, Music, Art, Drama and Physical Education.

Streaming and setting allows the needs of pupils to be met well.  In addition to smaller numbers in the lower streams, nurture groups in Year 7 ensure the needs of the most vulnerable are met.  There is strong curricular and extra-curricular provision for SMSC. The RE programme is compulsory throughout the School and promotes the spiritual and moral development of pupils.  It is complemented by the role and impact of our school chaplain.  A programme of charity giving exemplifies a concern to care for our neighbours.  Provision for the arts is very strong and includes Music, Performing Arts at KS4.    There is some provision for vocational education with 2 vocational streams.

The most recent review in June 2019 (which combined our staff with lead Ofsted inspectors) found teaching to be of consistently high quality.   It was noted that particular strengths are teacher subject knowledge, behaviour management and the clear and engaging delivery of lesson content.   The positive findings from lesson observations were mirrored by the boys in interviews held.  The review team commented that middle leaders had an excellent grasp of strengths and weaknesses and noted that any weaknesses were being addressed through targeted training and support.

Years 7 & 8

All pupils are taught Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Music, Geography, History, Physical Education, Art, Product Design, and Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish or French)

Click here to view Year 7 Curriculum Booklet

Click here to view Year 8 Curriculum Booklet

Year 9

All pupils are taught Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish or French), Gegoraphy and History. All pupils have Games once per week. Pupils in Year 9 may also choose subjects from the option blocks, which may include Economics, Sociology, Business Studies, Psychology, Food Technology, Drama, Art, Product Design, Vocational Studies and Physical Education.

Click here to view Year 9  Curriculum Booklet

Year 10

All pupils are taught Religious Education, English, Mathematics, Science, Modern Foreign Languages (Spanish or French), Geography and History. All pupils have Games once per week. Pupils in Year 10 may also choose subjects from the option blocks, which may include Triple Science, Art, Business Studies, Product Design, Food Technology, Drama, Music and Physical Education.

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Year 11

All pupils are taught Religious Education, English, Mathematics, and Science. All pupils have Games once per week. Other subjects may be taken within option blocks.