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Inclusion Support

Pastoral Services

At the Salvatorian College we consider our students to be our biggest asset. To believe that every student has the right to be educated within a happy, supportive and safe environment.

We aim to instil self-confidence in all our students, whatever their abilities and help them to fulfil their potential through furthering their self-belief and their natural desire to learn. We believe that it is vitally important to develop a sense of community in our students and aim to teach our pupils to have empathy and respect for people from all cultures and backgrounds. 

Our pastoral structure has been designed to support our students as they progress through the school and is dedicated to ensuring that each individual gets the support that they require in order to achieve their full potential.

This structure comprises of our,

  • Inclusion Department
  • Pastoral Leaders
  • School Chaplain.

Whom together with the Form Tutors and Heads of Year are committed to making our students school experiences as positive and productive as possible.

The Salvatorian Pastoral service provide,

I – Information

N – Negotiation

C – Confidentiality

L – Listening

U - Understanding

S – Support

I – Interventions

O - Opportunities

N – New Beginnings and a fresh start