Return to School arrangements

Click here to download Frequently Asked Questions about the return to school.

New Year 7 pupils will begin school on Thursday, 3rd September.
Years 8 to 10 begin school on Monday, 7th September.

We will teach and supervise our pupils in year-group bubbles, in dedicated zoned areas in the school, distancing from teachers.  All desks will face the front.   Keeping safe means that pupils will be asked to confine their contact to those within their year group and this rule applies to, from, and at school.   Dedicated rooms, such as laboratories and specialist accommodation, may not be available for lessons, so the curriculum content will be adjusted by teachers where necessary. There will be Increased cleaning of contact points around the school.

If children use public transport to get to school, then we require them to arrive during dedicated time slots.  We are asked to encourage all our pupils to cycle and walk to school to avoid the crowding that occurs on public transport.  We are asking that year groups arrive and leave at staggered times in September:

8.15am to 4.15pm                   Year 11            Athelstone Road Entrance and Church Exit
8.25am to 3.10pm                   Year 8             Church Entrance and Athelstone Road Exit
8.35am to 3.05pm                   Year 7              Athelstone Road Entrance and Church Exit
8.45am to 3.10pm                   Year 9             Church Entrance and Exit
8.55am to 3.30pm or 4.15pm  Year 10            Athelstone Road Entrance and Exit

However, those that walk to school or cycle can arrive by 8.45 am.   Those that cycle are asked to take particular care on busy roads.  It is advised that cyclists wear a face mask to reduce the impact of pollution and ensure that they use a safety helmet.  Bicycles should be in a roadworthy condition and have a lock so that bicycles are secure on school premises, as no responsibility can be taken for bicycles stored in the bike sheds. Children of the same household may arrive at school together if they are walking to school and those that walk or cycle can arrive at any time before 8.40 am.

We want to avoid the possibility of parents crowding the school entrance and exits and compromising social distancing arrangements.  Thus if you plan to meet a child after school it would be a good idea to specify a meeting place a short distance from the school.  Please note, you can only enter the school by appointment. Please phone the main school office, or email, to arrange this.

We will be speaking to children regularly about the importance of reducing transmission risk by following good hygiene practices, washing hands on arrival to school at break-time and lunchtime and not sharing equipment such as pens and pencils.   We will also ask them to continue to walk silently in corridors and ensure they keep their distance at pinch-points in corridors and when queueing for facilities such as in the library or by toilets.   When they use computers at school or change desks it is a protocol for them to wipe down the area beforehand.  We will have a ready stock of disinfectant wipes in school.  

There will be canteen provision and a limited menu of hot food available to pick up, with year groups attending the canteen at different times.  We expect many pupils will bring in their own packed lunch.  Food should not be shared with others.  Because water fountains will not be in use around the school, please encourage your son to bring a water bottle to school. We expect everyone to do their best to co-operate with social distancing, and hygiene rules, and breaches of the disciplinary code in this regard may lead to disciplinary sanctions.  

If children have any symptoms of Coronavirus (e.g. new cough, headache, temperature and/or a loss of taste or smell) then they should not be in school. If you are unsure about the guidance, this can be found on the website.  Any children exhibiting symptoms of Coronavirus will be sent home promptly.  Please make sure that your emergency contact number is up-to-date, and that you are contactable, in case we need to discuss whether we allow your child to make their own way home or whether you will be able to get to school promptly to collect them.    We will endeavour to provide test and trace support, in line with guidance, so that your child and other members of your households can be tested quickly. Please make sure that you make us aware, and keep us updated, of any underlying health conditions within your household. Guidance on this can be found at

Current Government guidance indicates that children should take any masks, visors, or latex gloves off when they come into school.  However, children may wear a surgical face mask only in school (no other type is allowed) and gloves if they so wish to do.  The latest advice is that there is no need for anything other than normal personal hygiene and washing of clothes following a day in a school.  Therefore, we are expecting children to respect the school uniform protocols. 

If we require a meeting with you, we will offer the chance to meet over Zoom rather than bringing you into school, thereby reducing transmission risk. 

If any of your households are shielding or clinically extremely vulnerable we would be grateful if you would let us know so that we consider ways to ensure that extra precautions are taken.  It is particularly important to update us of any health conditions and difficulties; please email school at    

We want all children to come to school but if children have to stay off because they have symptoms, or because they are shielding, then we will do our best to provide remote education support. 

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