Prefects and Peer Tutors

School Council

The School Council is the main 'student voice' body at Salvatorian College. It comprises of two members in each form (Lead and Deputy) who attend regular meetings every half term. Pupils gather the thoughts of their peers prior to the scheduled meeting and construct agendas to discuss. The meeting is chaired by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Conclusions and actions are then disseminated back to the form groups after each meeting. School projects, clubs, activities, charities and events are communicated and promoted. Specific school council members take on direct school improvement initiatives and are therefore developing our school environment, Catholic ethos and community involvement. They are model pupils for others to aspire to.

Prefect Team

Each year a new set of Year 10 pupils put their names forward to become ambassadors for the school and student body. They secure staff approval, present to their peers and, through suitable service during their four years, apply to become a Prefect. Those with ambition and credibility to lead pupils further can apply to become Head Boy. Hustings and voting occur during the summer term with the runners up becoming the Deputy Head Boy/s. The prefect team are responsible for the orderly running of the school and can be seen taking on duties in the corridors, outside school, playground and canteen to ensure model behaviour is followed by all pupils. They also assist with whole school events like awards evenings, parents’ evenings and the liturgical calendar of events.


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