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Liturgy & Prayer

Regular liturgical celebration and prayer are at heart of school life and daily routine.

Voluntary Mass 8.15am - Thursdays
Moment for Jesus 1.55pm - Every day
Friday Prayers 3.30pm - Fridays 
Stations of the Cross 3.30pm - Fridays in Lent
School Mass Termly in the Francis Jordan Hall


Liturgical Calendar for Assemblies

The Epiphany

6th January 2019

Epiphany of the Lord
Matthew Chapter 2: 1-12

Baptism of the Lord

13th January 2019

The Baptism of the Lord
Matthew Chapter 3 Verses 13-17

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

20th January 2019

The miracle at Cana
John Chapter 2 Verses 1-11

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

27th January 2019

We belong to one body
1 Cori Chapter 12 Verses 12-30

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time

3rd February 2019

God’s Good News
Luke Chapter 4 Verses 20-30

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

10th February 2019

The Marvellous Catch
Luke Chapter 3 Verses 1-11

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time

17thFebruary 2019


7th Sunday in Ordinary Time

24th February 2019

Love your enemies
1 Samuel Chapter 26 Verses 2-23

8th Sunday in Ordinary Time

3rd March 2019

The fruit of goodness
Luke Chapter 13 Verses 6-9

1st Sunday of Lent

10th March 2019

Temptation in the desert
Luke Chapter 4 Verses 1-13

2nd Sunday of Lent

17th March 2019

Jesus shines like the sun
Matthew Chapter 17 Verses 1-10

3rd Sunday of Lent

24th March 2019

God gives us another chance
Luke Chapter 13 Verses 6-9

4th Sunday of Lent

31st March 2019

The son who came back
Luke Chapter 15 Verses 11-24

Easter Sunday
Resurrection of the Lord

21st April 2019

Jesus is Alive Alleluia! Alleluia!
John Chapter 20

2nd Sunday of Easter
Sunday of Divine Mercy

28th April 2019

Peace be with you
John Chapter 20 Verses 19-23

3rd Sunday of Easter

5th  May 2019

Breakfast on the shore
John Chapter 21 Verses 1-17

4th Sunday of Easter

12th May 2019

You are my sheep
John Chapter 10 Verses 27-28

5th Sunday of Easter

19th May 2019

Love one another
John Chapter 13 Verses 33-35

6th Sunday of Easter

26th  May 2019


7th Sunday of Easter

2nd June 2019

Proclaim the Good News
John Chapter 17 Verses 20-26


9th June 2019

Acts Chapter 2 Verses 1-21

Trinity Sunday

16th June 2019

Trinity Sunday
Proverbs Chapter 8 Verses 1-4,22-31

Corpus Christi

23rd June 2019

Coprus Christi
Galatians Chapter 1 Verses 1-12

13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

30th June 2019

Welcome Jesus
Luke Chapter 9  Verses 51-55

14th Sunday in Ordinary Time

7th  July 2019

Jesus shares his message
Luke Chapter 7 Verses 36

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

14th July 2019

The Good Samaritan
Luke Chapter10 Verses 29-37