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The school is part of the wider Catholic Church. It is a Catholic school in accordance with the Canon Law and teachings of the Catholic Church, and at all times the school serves as a witness to the Catholic faith.

A core function of the school is to assist Catholic parents in fulfilling their obligation to educate their children in accordance with the principles and teachings of the Church; to do this within an environment which will encourage and support the spiritual, physical, moral and intellectual development of the child and help him to grow towards full Christian maturity; and to provide a wide and rich range of educational, cultural and spiritual experiences which will encourage children to discover and develop their potential to its maximum and to strive for high standards of excellence in all activities.

The school's Chaplains are provided by the Salvatorian Fathers. 'Voluntary' Mass is said in the school chapel every week and is open to any boys who wish to attend. Each year group attends Mass every three to four weeks. Pupils are carefully instructed in serving and reading at Mass, and a team of Liturgical Prefects is elected each year.

The upper school (Years 10 & 11) attend Mass at St Joseph's Church on the Holy Days of Obligation which fall during term, and on other important Feast Days. The school's Annual Carol Service is also held at St Joseph's Church towards the end of the Autumn Term.