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Salvatorian College has enjoyed a long standing partnership with St Dominic's 6th Form College. Senior leaders present to our Year 11 pupils in an initial assembly in September and this is followed up by a pastoral assembly and Q+A session with a St Dominic's senior leader with each form group later in the Autumn term. Post mock examinations results in January all pupils undertake a 1-1 interview with a St Dominic's senior leader to advise them on the best Post 16 provision. Pupil numbers attending St Dominic's have risen steadily over recent years and currently stands at 71% in 2016. The percentage of Salvatorian's going onto attend university beyond St Dominic's is also increasing. 

Obviously not all pupils continue to study A Levels and there is an increasing number of alternative options available. We invite local collage providers to present to our Year 11 pupils the options available to them. There is also an independent careers advisor who meets with all our Year 11 pupils in 1-1 interviews. Some pupils who require additional guidance receive it and this sometimes permeates into Year 10 and Year 9. At all key option choices in Year 8 and 9 Salvatorian pupils will meet with a school leader to discuss the choices they are making. The result is the number of pupils who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) when they leave Salvatorian college is close to zero year on year and is significantly below the national average.   

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