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Career & Work Guidance

At Salvatorian College, careers guidance is designed to reflect pupils' maturity and educational stage. Advice, information and guidance is given to each pupil to assist with the challenges they will face when making important decisions which will impact on their futures. 
We aim to:
  • enable individuals to become effective planners and managers of their own careers in a rapidly changing world of learning and work.
  • provide opportunities for students to understand themselves, and to develop capabilities by assessing their own needs, strengths and weaknesses, employability skills, interests and qualities.
  • provide up to date information relating to the world of work and learning, including local, national and international opportunities.
  • help students develop the skills and confidence to make realistic and informed decisions about their futures, and to manage the transition from one stage of their education to the next.
  • raise aspirations, increase motivation and, consequently, raise achievement by encouraging pupils to fulfil their potential.